Exalted – Sidereals (Chosen of Serenity)

May 18, 2010

The second Maiden, Venus, selected twenty Sidereal Exaltations and made them hers, the Chosen of Serenity. Into them, she wove twenty threads from the Loom of Fate, threads which represented the purest pleasures, the most peaceful moments, in all Creation.

The Caste Abilities for the Chosen of Serenity are Craft, Dodge, Linguistics, Performance, and Socialize. Through their Abilities, the Chosen of Venus find ways to make life easier and better for the world, or encourage mortals onto the paths that will lead them to their greatest serenity. Their Craft skills usually apply to Craft (Fate), which lets them spin destinies through Astrology, laying blessings or curses on mortals from the Loom itself.

The Chosen of Serenity know that life is peace and pleasure, though they may be difficult to come by. The trials and tribulations experienced by mortals only serve to make the eventual peace and happiness all the more worthwhile in the end. Without peace and joy, what purpose is life?

Chosen of Serenity are often referred to as “Heaven’s Concubines,” which, while not technically inaccurate, is certainly missing the point. If a Chosen of Serenity chooses to dally, it is not merely to provide a sexual experience, but to lay a deeper, more pervasive sense of peace upon someone. Sexuality is but one of the weapons in Venus’ arsenal, and the Chosen of Serenity have access to them all.

If someone is intent on peace and joy, whether from spiritual enlightenment, material possessions, or the company of those around them, they are likely to resonate with the Chosen of Serenity.


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