Exalted – Sidereals (Chosen of Secrets)

May 18, 2010

The fourth Maiden, Jupiter, selected twenty Sidereal Exaltations and made them hers, the Chosen of Secrets. Into them, she wove twenty threads from the Loom of Fate, threads which represented the most intricate, convoluted, and intriguing mysteries and secrets in all Creation.

The Caste Abilities for the Chosen of Secrets are Investigation, Larceny, Lore, Occult, and Stealth. Through their Abilities, the Chosen of Jupiter find ways to guide mortals into and through the mysteries and secrets that will shape their lives and the lives around them. More than any of the other Viziers, the Chosen of Secrets manipulate events indirectly, by revealing an important secret here or keeping one hidden there.

The Chosen of Secrets know that life is a mystery. It is by learning all we can and constantly seeking to understand the secrets around us that we grow and become more, that we truly enlighten ourselves and improve the world. It is in the unknown that true satisfaction lies.

Chosen of Secrets have a reputation for being busibodies and know-it-alls, which they certainly can be. However, a good Chosen of Jupiter knows when to reveal a secret and when to keep it secret… and more importantly, when to reveal that they HAVE a secret to conceal. The webs of lies and half-truths blend with webs of truth and half-lies, until sometimes, not even the Chosen themselves know what is fact. This, they say, is the truest art of keeping secrets, even from oneself.

If someone seeks out the greatest mysteries available to them and encourages others to do the same, to delve into the darkness for new knowledge, no matter the cost, they likely resonate with the Chosen of Secrets.


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