Exalted – Sidereals (Chosen of Journeys)

May 18, 2010

The first Maiden, Mercury, chose twenty of the Sidereal Exaltations and made them hers, the Chosen of Journeys. Into those Exaltations, she wove twenty of the most epic journeys ever recorded by the Loom of Fate, thus giving them power over the travels, physical and metaphysical, of the mortals of Creation.

Like Solars, Sidereals are Ability-based Exalts, and the Caste Abilities for the Chosen of Journeys are Resistance (to endure the hardships of travel), Ride, Sail, Survival, and Thrown. Their Charms allow them to affect the journeys of others, to encourage and ease travel or to make any trip, no matter how short, a harrowing crucible.

The Chosen of Journeys know that life is a trip, and the destination is unimportant. It’s all in how you arrive at your end that matters. Along the way, there will be hardships, but it is in those hardships that people are made into who they are intended to be, forged into heroes, or broken and cast at the side of the road.

Chosen of Journeys are often afflicted with a stirring wanderlust, much like their corresponding Maiden, and, of all the Sidereals, are most likely to enjoy field work. While none of the Five Score Fellowship enjoys paperwork, the Chosen of Journeys are the most likely to foist that aspect of their job off on an underling while rushing off to the next new location in Creation, to find the next mortal in need of a journey.

If someone is intent on travel and exploration, whether of the wider world around them or of their own inner spirituality and psychology, they are likely to resonate with the Chosen of Journeys.


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