Exalted – Sidereals (Chosen of Endings)

May 18, 2010

The fifth Maiden, Saturn, selected twenty Sidereal Exaltations and made them hers, the Chosen of Endings. Into them, she wove twenty threads from the Loom of Fate, threads which represented the purest, cleanest, most important conclusions in all Creation.

The Caste Abilities for the Chosen of Endings are Awareness, Bureaucracy, Integrity, Martial Arts, and Medicine. Through their Abilities, the Chosen of Saturn find ways to guide mortals into and through the endings and conclusions that will shape their lives and the lives around them. Any ending, whether a death or a birth, whether an illness (an end to health) or a recovery (an end to sickness) falls into the purview of the Chosen of Endings.

The Chosen of Endings know that life is a series of endings. Moreover, they understand that each ending is a new beginning, but they also understand that those beginnings tend to happen on their own. It is the endings, in the convincing of people to let go, where the challenge of their existence lies.

Chosen of Endings have a reputation for being cold-hearted assassins, and while some of them are exactly that, others couldn’t be further. Ending a life is an important moment for anyone, and the Chosen of Saturn understand that they will be called upon to do this at some point in their careers. It will be for the greater good, of course, but things must end, and those ends are rarely painless. Some steel themselves against this, while others come to embrace the pain, using it to remind themselves what they have lost themselves.

If someone seeks out the greatest endings available to them and encourages others to do the same, to recognize the moments when all things must cease and to not fight that moment but embrace it, they likely resonate with the Chosen of Endings.


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