Exalted – Metal-Heart Mockery

May 18, 2010

I’m taking a break from the usual series to post some of my own home-brew mechanics for the game. I’m doing this because A) I’d like a break from the usual structure, and I’m sure you would, too, and B) it’s relevant for the game my roommate is about to run, and his wife’s character will appreciate the piece.

Lunars, in addition to having Charms like all Exalted, have a mechanic called Knacks, whereby they expand their shapeshifting powers. (Mostly, they call them Knacks instead of Charms so Eclipses can’t steal their powers and get better at shapeshifting than Lunars). Below is a custom Knack I created for Grace’s character.

Metal-Heart Mockery
Minimums: Stamina 3, Essence 3

The Lunars are masters of shapeshifting, and nothing, not even the cold-forged shells of their mates’ First Age servitors, is beyond their ken. This Knack makes automata valid targets for the sacred hunt, though, as with most similar Knacks, it does not give them access to their Essence-based powers. Rather than consume the automata’s Heart’s Blood (as it most likely has none), the Lunar must ritually hunt the automata and imbibe some integral part of its construction. Most Lunars hope their targets have some kind of oily liquid they can consume, lest they be forced to eat metallic gears in their stead.


One comment

  1. As Grace pointed out, the consequences are worse than the actual process: http://twolumps.net/d/20050620.html

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