Exalted – Lunars (Overview)

May 18, 2010

With Solars (the premier PCs of the setting) and Dragon-Blooded (the de facto rulers of Creation) behind us, we start now into the less-used and oft-ignored types of Exalted, beginning with the Lunars. Incidentally, the neglected status of all these Exalted types is lamentable, as they are all absolutely amazing (and each of them, in their way, is more engaging to me than either Solars or Terrestrials).

The Lunar Exalted are, as their name indicates, the Chosen of Luna, Fickle Lady, goddess of the moon and complement to the Unconquered Sun in every way. As he was rigid and reliable, she was malleable and protean. As he was burning and bright, she was soft and subtle. The only things they shared were their love of Creation.

The Lunar Exalted were intended to reflect their maker and be to the Solars what Luna was to the Sun. They were each bonded to a single Solar as mate in a way that went deeper than simple ceremony. They were each given the power to change their shape, to be chimeric like their progenitor. They were given the power to excel, and to stand at the edges of Creation and protect it from the threats of the Wyld, while the Solars ruled.

During the Usurpation, the Lunars were targeted as much as the Solars. Some stayed and died by their mates’ sides, but others had been victims of the Solars’ growing madness as much as anyone else. Most of the Lunars fled from the Blessed Isle and vanished into the Wyld on the edges of Creation, where the Sidereals could not find them.

Once, the Lunars had five Castes, like any other, based on the phases of the moon. Their time in the Wyld damaged them, made the Exaltations themselves more fluid. Once, all Lunars were Exalted into a Caste. Now, Lunars start Casteless, and only the form-fixing tattoos of the Lunar sorcerers can force a Lunar into one of the three remaining Castes and prevent him or her from becoming a protean monstrosity, a true Chimera, touched by the Wyld both physically and mentally.

Now, with the Solars returning and chaos plaguing Creation, the Lunars have returned from their self-imposed exile with new techniques for engineering societies. Some wish to return to the glories of the First Age. Some wish to ensure that humanity and Creation can stand alone, never needing to depend on them again. Whatever their aims, however, none can deny that Creation needs their collective protection now more than ever. It is that protection, that stewardship, that defines the Lunar Exaltation. While Solars are defined by their excellence and Terrestrials by their duty, Lunars are protectors and defenders.

In this, the Time of Tumult, Creation truly needs their protection.


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