Exalted – Lunars (No Moon Caste)

May 18, 2010

The third (but not final! We’ll get to that tomorrow) Caste of the Lunar Exalted are the No Moons, the intellectuals of the Lunars. As you may be able to figure (if you’re particularly good at pattern recognition), the Favored Attributes of the No Moons are Perception, Intelligence, and Wits.

The No Moons are the sorcerers, the craftsmen, and the thinkers of the Lunars, using their Charms and spells to solve problems the other Castes couldn’t manage. It was the No Moons who invented the moonsilver tattoos that fix the Lunars into their current Castes and prevented Chimerism (more on that later, too!). It was the No Moons who learned to harness the Wyld and the powers of the Fair Folk. And it is the No Moons who, today, serve as priests, shamans, witch doctors, and lorekeepers for all of the Silver Pact.

In the First Age, the No Moons worked side-by-side with the Twilight Caste Solars, as their specialties overlapped perfectly. While the Solars approached invention and sorcery through the lens of Craft, Lore, and Occult, the Lunars approached their innovations through sheer Intelligence, out-thinking even the genius of the Solars (though the Solars proved more effective at implementing the ideas).

In the Time of Tumult, the No Moons strive to keep the Silver Pact together and functioning, seeking new ways to engineer societies that leave them independent of Exalted rule. Their innovations have contributed significantly to the Thousand Streams River, the plan most Lunars have for creating governments and nations who are not dependent upon Exalted of any stripe to succeed.

If someone is particularly keen, clever, or cunning, they might well be a No Moon, especially if they lean toward the unusual, arcane, or occult.


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