Exalted – Lunars (Changing Moon Caste)

May 18, 2010

The second Lunar Caste is the Changing Moon Caste, and it was once three separate Castes. In the First Age, there was no Changing Moon. The Lunars had the Waxing Moons, the Half Moons, and the Waning Moons. However, when the Lunars fled from the Sidereals, the Wyld broke the Castes. When the Silver Pact produced the moonsilver tattoos that fixed a young Lunar into a Caste, they were unable to save the three disparate Castes of the First Age. The closest they could come was an amalgamation they named Changing Moons.

The Changing Moons are the tricksters, the leaders, and the seducers of the Silver Pact. Their Caste Attributes are Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance. They are slick, sly, persuasive, subtle, glorious, and cunning all at once. They lead societies from within, command armies, infiltrate enemy positions… anything that requires guile, force of personality, or sheer animal magnetism.

It is difficult to say how the Changing Moons differ from their First Age counterparts. The Waxing Moons were the poets, the skalds, the bards, and certainly some of that inclination remains. The Half Moons were the judges, the leaders, and the mediators, and the Changing Moons definitely have those proclivities. But the Waning Moons were the spies, the assassins, and the tricksters, and it is from them that most Changing Moons take their strongest characteristics. While Full Moons solve their problems physically, Changing Moons tend to solve their problems with Social Attributes.

This is not to claim that Changing Moons cannot fight. It would be a poor Lunar indeed who could not defend his territory and his people. But while the Full Moons tend to fight in straightforward fashion, using brute Strength, raw speed, or sheer endurance to down their foes, Changing Moons tend to fight through misdirection and distraction, proving almost impossible to pin down.


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