Exalted – Infernals (Slayer Caste)

May 18, 2010

The first of the conspirators, Malfeas, chose the corrupted Dawn Caste Exaltations to be his Chosen. He named them Slayers, and imbued them with the fury and violence of his soul. Unlike all other kinds of Exalted, Infernals do not learn Charms from Attribute or Ability trees (though the still have Caste and Favored Attributes). Instead, they favor the Charms of their parent Yozi (in this case Malfeas) and those of one other Yozi of their choice.

The Slayer’s Caste Abilities are the same as those of the Dawn: Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown, and War. They are filled with Malfeas’ rage, some of it directed inward, but mostly directed out at the gods and Exalted who overthrew the righteous lord of Creation. They have learned to kill with whatever they can find, for it is Malfeas’ goal to vent his rage on all that is. If he must do so vicariously through his Slayers, then so be it.

Slayers are green fire loosed upon the world, inchoate rage incarnate. Their Charms deal with the fury of their overlord, as well as the innate tendency to command (and never to be commanded). They are the martial fist of the Yozis, and while they will not make up the armies of the Reclamation (for they are far too few in number), they will certainly lead those armies.

Unlike Abyssals, Infernals do not need to “go rogue,” so to speak. However, those who follow the Urges of Malfeas are truly violent psychopaths (not sociopaths). While the Dawn are brilliant generals, and the Dusk are cold, smoldering fire, the Slayers are raging infernos of unholy green flame, burning the world to an irradiated cinder before the brass and fire majesty of Malfeas.


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