Exalted – Infernals (Overview)

May 18, 2010

Infernals, like Abyssals, are tainted Solar essences, but while the Neverborn are the patrons and progenitors of the Abyssal Exalted, the Infernals are corrupted servants of the defeated Primordials, the Yozis.

At the end of the Primordial War, most of the Primordials surrendered. They were reshaped and imprisoned within the body of their king, Malfeas, who became the Demon City. They were trapped outside Creation somewhere, and their descendants, the demons, were bound to come when summoned by the Exalted.

For a time, the Yozis were able to corrupt Exalted only piecemeal, when one or more would swear their souls to them, turning them into akuma. However, the Ebon Dragon, wiliest of all Yozis and the one least changed by his imprisonment, watched Creation and sought ways to gain an advantage that would help him escape… and, if necessary, he would bring his siblings with him.

In time, he learned of the Jade Prison, the reliquary that held the Solar Exaltations, but he could not leave Malfeas to reach it. However, he was able to contact the Neverborn, for he was least offended by the monstrosities they had become. He made a deal: for fifty of those Exaltations, he would teach them how to corrupt them to their purpose.

The Neverborn agreed, sending their Deathlords to bring them back three hundred Solar Exaltations. The Deathlords, however, only managed to capture about half. Fifty went to the Ebon Dragon, who called to his siblings and requested their help. Only five agreed to aid him, and one of those only tangentially.

Malfeas, the Demon City, was eager to find a way to strike back at the usurpers. Cecelyne, the Endless Desert, followed her brother Malfeas and gave the backing of Infernal law. She Who Lives in Her Name, the Principle of Hierarchy, followed in their wake, for she did as they commanded. Adorjan, the Silent Wind, volunteered to help out of curiosity as much as anything. Finally, Kimberry, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame, gave cautious assistance, but refused to be an official part of what came to be known as the Reclamation.

Each of the five main conspirators took one fifth of the captured Solar essences, and, under the direction of the Ebon Dragon, made them into Infernal Exaltations, guided by demons to find mortals who failed spectacularly and would be willing to accept damnation in order to make up for their failures.

These are the Infernal Exalted, men and women who would have been Solars, had their power not been withheld at a critical moment. Instead, they are damned things, given the power of the Yozis themselves, and set on a path that will eventually put them at odds with both Creation and Malfeas… for, like the Abyssals will eventually overpower the Deathlords, the Infernals will eventually become more than their Yozi masters could ever have imagined.


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