Exalted – Infernals (Malefactor Caste)

May 18, 2010

The second conspirator, Cecelyne, claimed the tainted Zenith Exaltations for her Chosen. Renaming them Malefactors, she imbued them with her power over places of desolation, most notably deserts, as well as he own unique brand of law: might makes right.

The Caste Abilities for the Malefactors are the same as the Zenith: Integrity, Performance, Presence, Resistance, and Survival. They are exceptionally equipped to endure, both the burning caress of their progenitor and the scorn and perfidy of the Creation-born.

Cecelyne is a being of malevolent law, whose rules are often convoluted and contradictory, always supporting the strongest among those ruled. She, herself, allows herself to be ruled by Malfeas, for he is stronger than she, and such is her purview. She is the Endless Desert, and her rules and laws are like being lost in the desert, with no hope and no succor.

Malefactors are her agents in Creation, seeking to subvert law and geography to make both more like Cecelyne. They are demagogues, demanding and earning worship to turn their congregations into demon cults, standing atop the pyramids of their worshippers and ruling as gods. The laws of the Malefactors are no more generous than the laws of Cecelyne, however, and their worshippers often realize all too late that they are trapped by their own devotion, locked into submission to crazed messiahs who seek to crack open the demon prison and let endless sand fill all of Creation.


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