Exalted – Infernals (Defiler Caste)

May 18, 2010

The third Yozi, She Who Lives in Her Name, was once known as the Principle of Hierarchy, for it is her name and title that define her. She chose the Twilight Exaltations to be her Chosen, and named them Defilers.

The Caste Abilities for the Defilers are the same as those of the Twilights: Craft, Investigation, Lore, Medicine, and Occult. Her Charms focus on shaping the world around her to better fit her perfect hierarchy, with special emphasis on eliminating free will.

She Who Lives in Her Name was always loudly against the concept of free will, believing that the perfect, crystalline hierarchy of a mechanical world would be more aesthetically and morally pleasing than the chaos of a willful one. However, her own hierarchy placed her beneath Malfeas, and Malfeas wanted free will to exist in the world. So, She Who Lives was forced to accept its existence, but she did not do so gracefully.

Defilers use their patron’s magic to create new and wondrous things, inventions that will move the Reclamation closer to success while simultaneously forcing the world around them into their own hierarchies… which may or may not mesh well with the hierarchy of She Who Lives in Her Name. Unfortunately for her, the Defilers DO have free will, and while some of them work to eliminate that will entirely, many more simply work to remove free will from everyone who disagrees with them.


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