Exalted – Alchemicals (Soulsteel Caste)

May 18, 2010

The fifth Caste is the Soulsteel Caste, resonating with the Abyssal Exalted. Autochthon (presumably) didn’t know the Abyssals would ever be made, so the Soulsteel Caste do not serve as blueprints for them. This raises the question… is there at least one more type of Exalted that Autochthon never fully designed?

As the Abyssals are shadowy and grim, so too are the Soulsteel Alchemicals. The human soul of a Soulsteel Caste must have been truly heroic and a seeker of ultimate justice, no matter the cost, in a series of past incarnations, not simply one. The Soulsteel Caste are the reincarnations of those who sought out corruption and injustice from the tunnels of the Lumpen to the halls of the Tripartite. They are sculpted of dull soulsteel, and they represent the grim inevitability of the Great Maker’s justice.

The Soulsteel Caste Attributes are Stamina, Manipulation, and Perception. Through indomitability, cunning, and observation do the Soulsteel Caste serve their nations. Theirs is the task of infiltrating, of bringing criminals to justice, of hunting fugitives to the ends of Autochthonia. They are the secret police and bounty hunters of the Alchemical Exalted, and it is they who are the not-so-popular face of Autochthonian law enforcement.

A Soulsteel Caste who focuses on an area excels through inevitability and awareness. Martial Soulsteels are brutal and resilient, cultivating an air of invincibility to intimidate their foes. A political Soulsteel is sly and cunning, using fear and guile to make his points. Intellectually focused Soulsteels are on constant alert, identifying problems among the Populat and dealing with them with efficient ruthlessness.

The Soulsteels are the secret police and fearmongers of Autochthonia, solving the problems of their Assemblies through brutal inevitability and cultivated terror.


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