Exalted – Alchemicals (Overview)

May 18, 2010

The last of the types of Exalted are the Alchemicals, an as-yet-unknown type in Creation.

Before the Primordial War, two of the Primordials, Gaia and Autochthon, betrayed their Primordial fellows and joined the rebellion of the gods. Gaia did so for the sake of her lover, Luna, but Autochthon had a more personal reason. Sick and weak in comparison to the other Primordials, the Great Maker was shunned and belittled by his peers. He sided with the gods in order to strike back at the other Primordials.

And strike back he did. It was Autochthon who designed the Exaltations in the first place, weapons of mass destruction handed to the Incarna and Gaia’s subsouls, the Elemental Dragons. Autochthon, however, chose not to field Exalted against his siblings, but rather to have his chosen people, the Mountain Folk, supply and arm the Exalted of the Incarnae.

He was horrified by the results of the Primordial War, for even he never suspected the Exalted might kill his siblings. After the war, he grew to fear the Exalted even more. He collected a large number of humans and souls from Creation and disappeared into Elsewhere, sealing himself away from Creation and creating a world from his own body.

In Autochthonia, as it came to be called, a society formed, driven by mortals and served by the Alchemical Exalted, beings made of the magical materials, infused with human souls, and animated by the people of Autochthonia to serve them. With this system in place, Autochthon fell asleep, leaving his people and Exalted to run the world.

In this, he erred. His sickness ran rampant, and now, it has reached pandemic levels. The Void encroaches more and more on Autochthonian civilization, and more and more Exalted fall to becoming Void Apostates. The souls Autochthon stole from Creation dwindle more and more, and his finite world body runs low on resources. Now, the citizens of Autochthonia must decide how to survive, and more and more they consider the possibility of a return to the world their ancestors left…


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