Exalted – Alchemicals (Moonsilver Caste)

May 18, 2010

The second Caste is the Moonsilver Caste, resonating with (and serving as the template for) the Lunar Exalted.

As the Lunars are adaptive and fluid, so too are the Moonsilver Alchemicals. The human soul of a Moonsilver Caste must have been creative and adaptable in a series of past incarnations, not simply one. The Moonsilver Caste are the reincarnations of those who found inspiration and unorthodox solutions to problems in many lives. They are sculpted of flowing moonsilver, and they shimmer with the inherent, protean potential of the Machine God.

The Moonsilver Caste Attributes are Dexterity, Appearance, and Wits. Through adaptability, speed of body and thought, and the ability to blend with any surrounding do the Moonsilver Caste serve their nations. Theirs is the task of learning, of infiltrating, of watching. They are the spymasters and shapeshifters among the Alchemicals, and though the Populat loves them for their unceasing protection, they fear them, for the Mirrorblades could be anywhere.

A Moonsilver Caste who focuses on an area excels through speed and wit. Martial Moonsilvers are quick and almost impossible to follow, striking and gone before their foes realize they are under attack. The social barbs of a political Moonsilver are subtle and far-reaching, often tricking their enemies into making their points for them. Intellectually focused Moonsilvers are quick of thought, willing to try any solution, and keen on learning from mistakes and adapting them into their next successes.

The Moonsilvers are the unseen eyes and ears of Autochthonia, solving the problems of their Assemblies through wit, speed, and subtlety.


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