Exalted – Alchemicals (Jade Caste)

May 18, 2010

The third Caste is the Jade Caste, resonating with (and serving as the template for) the Terrestrial Exalted, a.k.a. the Dragon-Blooded.

As the Terrestrials are unified and synergistic, so too are the Jade Alchemicals. The human soul of a Jade Caste must have been selfless and focused on the whole rather than the individual in a series of past incarnations, not simply one. The Jade Caste are the reincarnations of those who risked and sacrificed themselves for the benefit of others. They are sculpted of hardy jade, and they shine with the knowledge that their unity serves something greater than themselves.

The Jade Caste Attributes are Stamina, Charisma, and Wits. Through durability, force of personality, and the ability to react quickly to problems do the Jade Caste serve their nations. Theirs is the task of doing, of shoring up weaknesses, of serving. They are the industrial dynamos of the Alchemicals, and it is they, more than anyone, who is most beloved by the Populat. This can be a danger for the Stone Hands, for they may find themselves succumbing to selfish hero worship rather than focusing on the greater good.

A Jade Caste who focuses on an area excels through optimism and endurance. Martial Jades are resilient and almost impossible to discourage, withstanding whatever punishment their foes can throw while slowly but surely whittling away their opposition. A political Jade is unsubtle and open, but their boisterous enthusiasm is often infectious. Intellectually focused Jades are quick of thought, willing to try any solution, with a willing optimism that tells other, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

The Jades are the heart and soul of Autochthonia, solving the problems of their Assemblies through endurance, quick reactions, and pleasant optimism.


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