Exalted – Alchemicals (Adamant Caste)

May 18, 2010

The sixth Caste (you heard me) is the Adamant Caste. Alchemicals are the only type of Exalted to have six Castes, and the Adamant is odd even within Autochthonian culture. They do not resonate with any of Creation’s Exalted, nor do they have an analog, not even as much as the Soulsteel Caste does. This leads many to speculate that perhaps other types of Exalted once existed… or perhaps could exist in the future.

As the Adamant Caste has no analogous Exalt in Creation, they do not share their attributes. They are secretive and legendary, even within Autochthonia, and most Autochthonians do not even believe they exist. They are shadowy watchers, direct servants of the Divine Ministers of Autochthon, and they police all of Autochthonia for those problems other Alchemicals cannot solve.

The human soul of an Adamant Caste must have been visionary and devout in their faith in Autochthon in a series of past incarnations, not simply one. The Adamant Caste are the reincarnations of those who saw beyond the flesh and metal of their world to the spiritual truths within. They are sculpted of crystalline adamant, and they represent the watchful piety of an ideal Autochthonia.

The Adamant Caste Attributes are Strength, Appearance, and Perception. Through eternal vigilance, savage retribution, and bright glory do the Adamants serve the Divine Ministers. Most never know of their existence. They live lonely lives in the barren Reaches of Autochthonia, saving entire nations from threats they will never even know were there. Apocryphal tales speak of crystalline angels in the depths, but that is the most praise or glory the Adamants will ever know.

An Adamant Caste who focuses on an area excels through vigilance and direct action. Martial Adamants apply overwhelming force to solve their problems, usually successfully. A political Adamant (difficult, considering their secrecy) is glorious and radiant, out-shining her political adversaries. Intellectually focused Adamants are eternally vigilant, always watchful for the next threat to the health of the Great Maker.

The Adamants are the apocryphal angels and guardian spirits of Autochthonia, solving the problems of their world-god through vigilance and direct, awe-inspiring action.


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