Exalted – Abyssals (Midnight Caste)

May 18, 2010

The Midnight Caste are the dark mirrors of the Zeniths. While the Zeniths are the holy priests of the Unconquered Sun, spreading his light to all the dark corners of Creation, the Midnight Caste are the blasphemous priests of Oblivion, encouraging the hopeless worship of the End of All That Is.

Like the Zeniths, the Midnight Caste Abilities are Integrity, Performance, Presence, Resistance, and Survival. There is almost nowhere they cannot go, no hardship they cannot endure, and no mind so strong they cannot sway it into despair and love of death. They are cruel priests, soul-flaying orators, peeling hope like an onion and laying bare the core of destitution at the heart of every mind.

Loyal Midnights are the truest servants of their masters… and the cause of greatest worry for the Deathlords. After all, the Midnights do not usually preach worship of the Deathlords, or even of the Neverborn, but of Oblivion itself. This suits the Neverborn just fine, but the Deathlords are often uneasy about the thought that they are simply glorified middlemen.

Rogue Midnights are tortured souls, filled with the power and glory of death but seeking to weaken the power of Oblivion. Many choose to become death-speakers, serving ancestor cults and spreading the glory not of Oblivion, but of the Underworld, and the eternal pleasures to be found there. In the end, however, they must come to terms with the knowledge that every death, every ghost, every ending, furthers the cause of the Neverborn and expands Oblivion.


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