Exalted – Abyssals (Dusk Caste)

May 18, 2010

All the castes of the Abyssals are the dark mirrors of their Solar counterparts, and the first of these is the Dusk Caste, counterpart to the Dawn. Like the Dawn, the Dusk are the most martially inclined of all the Abyssals, but the difference is in how those inclinations are applied.

While the Dawn stands as a shining bulwark, leading the armies of righteousness and Creation against the enemies of the light, the Dusk is the black general, the obsidian champion that leads armies of the undead out of shadowlands, swarming over the living and slaughtering them in the name of Oblivion. Both castes define their Exaltations through conflict, but one tends to preserve life, while the other strives to send it violently off this mortal coil.

Like the Dawn, the Dusk’s Caste Abilities are Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown, and War. If it involves killing someone, the Dusk can learn to do it, and learn to do it well. They work just as well as rogue agents, slaughtering entire communities singlehandedly, as they do generals, leading legions of shambling corpses to consume entire nations.

Rebel Dusk Castes often find their lives least difficult of all those Abyssals who seek redemption, or merely to avoid damnation. Heaven knows there are enough things seeking to destroy Creation that they can simply murder. While they cannot directly oppose the Neverborn, lest the feel the dead titans’ displeasure, there are Fair Folk, demons, rogue spirits, behemoths, monsters, and even evil men who need killing.

However, every death, no matter how noble, still empowers Oblivion, and that is the truth the Dusk must carry with them at every step.


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