Exalted – Abyssals (Daybreak Caste)

May 18, 2010

As the Twilight Caste uses its inventions to defend Creation from the threats that emerge at their eponymous hour, so does the Daybreak use its creations to assault the world of the living in their weakest moment.

The Caste Abilities for the Daybreak are the same as those for the Twilight: Craft, Investigation, Lore, Medicine, and Occult. They are the inventors, the sorcerers, and the necrosurgeons of the damned, but they also specialize in Necromancy, the Underworld equivalent of Sorcery. Necromancy uses the dreams and nightmares of the not-entirely-dead Primordials to shape the Underworld the way Sorcery shapes Creation.

The creations of the Daybreak are horrific, monstrous things, engines of destruction built of death and the dead. The Daybreak come closest to breaking the curse of the Neverborn, for their powers do allow them to create rather than solely to destroy. However, even in this the curse applies, for their creations turn inevitably toward destruction and death. Whether they be soulsteel artifacts wielded by warlords or necrotech war machines sewn from once-living flesh, even their creative powers lean toward destruction.

Loyalist Daybreaks are some of the most frightening individuals Creation has ever seen, their nightmare inspiration treading the amoral line between genius and madness with acrobatic flair. They turn their powers wholeheartedly to the annihilation of all that lives, and if there are any Abyssals who could accomplish that, it would be these mad inventors. Rogue Daybreaks are potentially wondrous resources for Creation, for their insight into the character and power of the Neverborn, but even they are cancerous genius, the tumor that brings maddening insight as surely as it brings death.


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