Exalted – Abyssals (Day Caste)

May 18, 2010

The opposite side of the coin from the Night Caste is the Day Caste, the hand of the Deathlords slipping into the lighted world and showing the living that they are never safe, not even when the Sun burns brightly overhead. They are the thieves and assassins, slipping unseen into Creation and spreading the plague touch of the Deathlords into the living world.

The Caste Abilities of the Day are Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny, and Stealth. They are singularly well-equipped to slip into hard-to-reach homes or castles, serving as the surgical scalpel to the Dusk Caste’s daiklave. Where one death, one poisoned well, one loss of a single treasure could cause the most harm, there you will find the Day Caste.

Loyalist Days are terrors, evading any guard, slipping past any defenses to murder the hope of Creation when it feels it is safest, under the bright light of the Unconquered Sun. They are the hands of their masters in Creation, and the secret police in the Underworld, ensuring that the lands that belong to the Deathlords remain under their control. They are precise and effective, leaving corpses and fear in their wake.

Renegade Days have an easier time of it than most renegades, as they can often channel their murderous powers to do the least harm while doing the most damage to the Neverborn. Indeed, it may well be the hand of a renegade Day Caste that slices the tethers keeping the Neverborn even half alive. Yet, in the end, any death still serves Oblivion, and the Day are nothing if not murderers.


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